There and back again: why PaaS is Passe (and why it’s not) (2018) - PaaS has become somewhat of a dirty word in infrastructure circles. Tyler Treat makes the case that at some point it’ll make a comeback. Most of the stuff going on when building infrastructure for a project/company aims at building some sort of PaaS in the end, and once enough things are fleshed out, folks won’t mind the loss in customization a next generation PaaS provider will offer. Kubernetes will probably be involved somehow.

Why SQL is beating NoSQL, and what it means for the future of data (2017) - SQL has been on a comeback as of late. NoSQL didn’t live up to all the hype and SQL datastores have caught up featureset wise. The article explores the history of this.

BMW’s new subscription service starts at $2000 a month (2018) - I’ve been meaning to blog for some time on the topic of SaaS and how more and more traditionally transactional services are turning to subscription based ones. Turns out things are moving faster than I thought. So a car subscription services is in the works from BMW, and similar ones are already started from Audi, Cadillac and Porsche.

The end of Windows (2018) - gloomy stuff. But it’s a Unix world more or less - every phone and server is a Unix machine, and it won’t be that long before Unix conquers consumer desktop for good - 10 years? Makes sense for Microsoft to focus on Cloud and Services (and beefy enterprise deals as well). Read on for a history of the strategic moves Nadella had to do to be able to do this.