Jupiter Dev Log

  • Announcing Jupiter Release 0.8.0

    I’ve prepared a major release, namely 0.8.0. This is just the second release of the year, and the first in more than 10 months.

  • Announcing Jupiter Release 0.7.0

    I’ve prepared a major release, namely 0.7.0. Since I think I jumped some releases, I will also summarize the 0.6.x releases.

  • Jupiter Dev Log 5 - Architecture


  • Announcing Jupiter Release 0.5.1

    I’ve prepared a minor release - 0.5.1 - which contains a lot of goodies for recurring tasks. This version introduces:

  • Announcing Jupiter Release 0.5.0

    As promised, the 0.5.0 release comes much faster than the 0.4.2 one. It includes a single change, namely smart list. It’s a significant addition however, and the first foray outside task-planning for Jupiter.

  • Announcing Jupiter Release 0.4.0

    Today marks the date of the fourth “minor” release of Jupiter - version 0.4.2. It’s a massive release, and the last one I’ll make this massive! It literally has tens of big changes, and took about 5 months to deliver! Not cool for such a small project.

  • Jupiter Dev Log 4 - Using ReadTheDocs For Docs Hosting


  • Announcing Jupiter Release 0.3.0

    Today marks the date of the third “minor” release of Jupiter - version 0.3.0. It’s a really big release, as it essentially moves all the recurring tasks interactions to be in the “new way”, like vacations or workspaces.

  • Jupiter Dev Log 3 - Lint All The Things


  • Announcing Jupiter Release 0.2.0

    Today marks the date of the second “minor” release of Jupiter - version 0.2.0.

  • Announcing Jupiter Release 0.1.0

    Today marks the date of the first “minor” release of Jupiter - version 0.1.0. The main improvement is a switch to a command or Notion only flow for workspace and vacations. No more mucking about in yaml files. Instead everything can be done via the jupiter CLI app or via Notion.

  • Jupiter Dev Log 2 - Release Process With GitHub Actions And GitFlow

    This latest instalment in the Jupiter Dev Log series covers the newly added “automatic release process” in some detail. The release process was decidedly manual before this work. I ran make docker-push on my local machine, and a new Docker image replaced the one on Docker Hub. There are in fact two key improvements: having versioned releases (and a versioning process to boot), and having an automated release process which acts on some pushes to GitHub and uploads the current version to DockerHub.

  • Jupiter Dev Log 1 - Setting Up Publishing To DockerHub

    The installation instructions were bad so I had a first attempt at making a saner distribution method. Ideally Jupiter should be packaged as a Python package, a brew formula for MacOS, a deb package for Debian and derived distributions, an rpm package for RedHat and derived distributions, a docker image, etc. Once installed it should act like a regular script. So you can just jupiter upsert-tasks and it would work like cat /etc/passwd.

  • Jupiter Dev Log 0 - Intro

    I plan on blogging a bit about the bigger developments on the Jupiter project. Especially those around CI/CD, integration with various 3rd party systems, productionisation efforts, etc. The infra bits as it were. Not so much the “code itself”, cause that usually is straightforward.

  • Announcing Jupiter

    Today I’m releasing a small open source project. It’s been a while since I did so. I’m excited though because it’s something I built for myself and which I’m using heavily in my day to day life. It’s not just some academic exercise or some feel-good effort after a larger abandoned project. I am doubly excited because the project itself is quite rough, and unfinished, and stupid in many places. Fighting that perfectionism bug one crappy release at a time.

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