I’ve prepared a major release, namely 0.8.0. This is just the second release of the year, and the first in more than 10 months.

It has some major additions, speed improvements, bugfixes. And also a major rearchitecting of the system. No line was left untouched! Hence the big delay.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Added support for a “personal relationship manager” feature. Read more in the PRM section.
  • Entities which can be associated with a project, can now use a default project.
  • Faster local -> Notion updates
  • Moved some entities to SQLite storage from the text based one. It’s faster and safer.
  • Stopped syncing archived inbox tasks
  • A massive refactoring of the code-base. Nothing was left untouched. The new code is easier to maintain and structurally better organized.
  • Fixed high severity security issue with a mkdocs dependency
  • Bugfix of metric entry sync which would clear the collection time on Notion side
  • Bugfix of recurring task sync start date value being ignored if set on Notion side
  • Bugfix of not syncing vacations sometimes

As always checkout the installation instructions to find out how to get hold of the latest version.