I’ve prepared a major release, namely 0.7.0. Since I think I jumped some releases, I will also summarize the 0.6.x releases.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Metrics support. There’s now basic support for handling metrics.
  • Notion fields for inbox tasks, big plans, etc. are now in a stable order, and many of the “technical” ones are hidden. It leads to nicer UX for working with these entities.
  • Big refactorings in the codebase. Nothing user-visible but these changes allow major work in the future.
  • Make storage work with relative paths, and allows easy support for non-Docker operation.
  • Tags for smart lists.
  • An embedded notion of “done” for smart list items.
  • The actionable date fully controls visibility in boards - it’s not just a week before.
  • Faster GC.
  • Numerous bugfixes and small improvements.

As always checkout the installation instructions to find out how to get hold of the latest version.