A 2 year Stanford study shows astonishing productivity boost for working from home (2018) - I can confirm this and I’m happy it’s a trend with a positive trajectory. There’s a whole host of improvements at the individual’s, company, city and state level for more companies and people doing this.

The latest trend for tech interviews - days of unpaid homework (2018) - as good as the news from the previous article is, this one is bad. I’ve had to politely decline such expansive interviews in the past. I do think the intention is good - that is eliminating some of the bias of whiteboard interviews, but the implementation is pretty bad. I do wish the tech industry wouldn’t jump from fad to fad with interview techniques.

Examples of everything new in ECMAScript 2016, 2017 and 2018 (2018) - a big article with features both large and small. Almost half of it is taken up by ECMAScript 2018 and the trend for new features and API improvements is on the uptick. Good to see the massive improvements in JavaScript-land in the past years.

Understanding TypeScript type notation (2018) - while the official docs are pretty good, this one is a worthwhile read as well. It’s focused on the type language in TypeScript and how JavaScript and TypeScript interact wrt types. Good examples of the lesser known type constructs such as unions or tuples.