Last week I wanted to better understand JS modules, so the bulk of the links are related to this topic. It’s a fast moving domain, so the articles cover a lot of ground.

JavaScript Modules (2016) - a primer on the actual module system currently being implemented in browser side JavaScript. The way we’ll do things “soon”.

Eloquent JavaScript - Modules (2016) - an overview of some of the older “module formats” and of the new module system and its capabilities. Covers hand-rolled module systems, as well as CommonJS and the new module systems, building & bundling. It looks at larger issues of packages, module design etc.

JavaScript modules (2018) - covers AMD, CommonJS and ES6 modules.

A 10 minute primer to JavaScript modules, module formats, module loaders and module bundlers (2017) - covers custom modules (how you’d build them by hand), AMD, CommonJS and ES6 modules. But also things like loaders and bundlers, which are also a big part of the technology needed to use modules properly.

JavaScript modules - a beginner’s guide (2016) - a larger article focusing on the rationale for using modules, a lot of custom module patterns, AMD, CommonJS, UMD, ES6 modules. Still waiting for part 2 which deals with bundlers.

Can I please store images in the database now? (2018) - apparently the oft-repeated anti-pattern isn’t such a big issue anymore. Databases are perfectly capable of doing a good job with BLOBs. However, whether you want to store them there as part of a larger application is another question. Still, for internal apps, or ones where there is a very tight relationship between the data and image/video/PDF stored as a BLOB, it might make perfect sense.