High-performance rate limiting (2016) - how Smyte does rate-limiting, with a fairly custom rate-limiter. Truth be told, these usually aren’t found off-the-shelf.

Ways to think about machine-learning (2018) - a more business-oriented view of ML/AI etc. It’s pretty interesting to compare them to databases and what they did for companies. As a sidenote, the very large corporations we’re seeing are in part powered by advances in technology, which the authors touch a little. It’s very hard to operate a 100000 employee company with paper. What would ML tools do to this? Perhaps allow even larger ones. Perhaps make them smaller. At least in terms of human intelligence, if not machine one.

Intel and the danger of integration (2018) - for most of my tech career Intel has been a constant and big presence. Seems the chickens have finally come home to roost for some of the bad decisions the company has made before. TSMC & others are beating Intel in the fab game. It’s for sure not the end of the road - just look at Microsoft, but it’s going to be rougher sailing ahead.

It’s time for an RSS revival (2018) - I let this one simmer in Feedly a bit before posting it here. According to their stats, it’s been read about 4000 times. That’s pretty massive as a medium. Hopefully with the woes of Facebook or Twitter, and the media industry in general, RSS readers will see a comeback.

The Redis protocol is pretty great (2018) - A layman’s introduction to the Redis protocol.