Deeply understanding JavaScript async and await (2019) - history of callbacks –> promises –> async/await in JavaScript. It’s funny that the code he highlights as callback hell I don’t find that hard to grok - been doing it at work for some time and I consider it just decent, not hellish. But yeah, async/await can’t come soon enough to all PLs and codebases.

GitLab’s journey from Azure to GCP (2019) - color me surprised, but I didn’t know GitLab was on Azure - or any startup-type company for that matter. But here they were and having operational problems to boot. So they switched over to GCP in what appears to be a massive migration - several months and 0.5PBs of data. There wasn’t much more meat to pick off this thing - no hiccups, no details of their new setup etc.

Implementing domain driven design at small improvements (2019) - I’ve used Small Improvements for 1:1 meeting handling and this was quite a nice overview of their code architecture - you can really feel for the old version of the design and how the DDD improvements helped.

Can we all please stop using Medium now? (2019) - mostly a rant against Medium.

Microsoft, Slack, Zoom, and the SaaS opportunity (2019) - excellent stuff from Stratechery - as always really. It looks at how SaaS has worked for three different companies. First, Microsoft which had to migrate away from the “boxed software” model to SaaS - to trillion dollar success. Then Slack which was a pioneer of enterprise SaaS, and aims to be an integrator of various communication systems in a company as much as a chat system. And then Zoom which did one (hard) thing and did it well. I used Zoom and appreciated the fact that it worked well, but wasn’t aware it was such a big business - kudos to them.