On being a pricipal engineer (2019) - many tech companies have a “Pricipal” role on the individual contributor career ladder, and it’s usually pretty high there. The author describes what it means to operate at that level in their company, but I think it translates well across the board.

Logs vs structured events (2019) - I’ve been at places where we were very stingy with what we logged, and at places where we log everything. Definitely prefer the latter - which the author calls structured events. Modern storage systems do a well enough job of handling unstructured logs, so there’s no reason not to use them to their fullest!

Don’t follow the sun (2019) - advice on setting up on-calls. More precisely Will (whose new book I’m reading and will review shortly) proposes that on-call be a 24/7 affair for folks who are on it, rather than a 9-5 thing split between geographically distributed team, because it first turns it into a thing which “must be under control” rather than a continuous fire and second, it reduces handoff errors (which is why, for better or worse is why you see insane shifts in medicine).

Get your work recognized - write a brag document (2019) - I’ve been doing this for a while, but I liked the title, and there’s a bunch of extra stuff in there to make it better.