A successful Git branching model (2010) - the introduction of git-flow, a popular branching model for git.

MezzFS - mounting object storage in Netflix’s media processing platform (2019) - another one on Netflix’ media processing systems. This time around making media files (essentially big blobs of data where you need streaming and random access) available as file system entities in order to simplify processing for them.

What is the ultimate fate of the loneliest galaxy in the universe (2019) - again an astronomy post about the fate of the Universe in general, and that of it’s most lonely galaxy. Interesting stuff especially around the timescales involved - trillions of years!

Designing a package manager from the ground up - an inside look at CircleCI orbs (2019) - I recently played around with GitHub Actions, but was keen on how CircleCI solves the CI package management problem.

Netflix is not a tech company (2019) - it’s a content company. Again, an article about Netflix. But I think it holds true for a lot of the later companies coming in - Uber/Lyft/Bolt/etc are essentially transportation companies with beefed up tech, TransferWise/Monzo/Revolut/etc are essentially banks or financial institutions with beefed up tech, AirBnB is essentially a hotel chain with beefed up tech, etc. In the future, all companies will need the beefed up tech, but it’s perhaps more evident in the marketplace space.

Domain-driven design needen’t be hard (2020) - a laymans overview of DDD. Good for me, cause I’m not well versed in DDD.