It’s been quite some time since one of these.

The principles of clean architecture (2015) - I’ve not watched a lot of Uncle Bob videos before, but I stumbled on this (and the next one), while cleaning the house. Definitely worthwhile both for the content and the presentation.

SOLID principles (2018) - this second one is about the SOLID principles of program design. The intro part about water molecules formation is also pretty sharp. I could watch this guy speaking about anything basically.

COVID and cascading collapses (2020) - yet another post about the dire economic effects which the whole COVID thing can cause. This one is about how the death of certain industries is hastened by crises. Examples given are print publishing and the ‘08 crisis , BlackBerry and the ‘08 crisis (and the iPhone too), film cameras and the ‘99 crisis, etc. But of course, the “fun” is speculating about who’s on the chopping block with this one. Read on to find out!

Surprising things about working at well known tech unicorns (2020) - this one hit home. Most of the stuff I’ve seen at Bolt too, and to a lesser degree at StackOverflow. It’s “nice” to see it’s a more universal thing.

Designing microservices architecturers the right way (2018) - this one was a gem of a talk. It contained a lot of hard-won lessons I’ve seen at both Google and Bolt, for example. Heavy code generation, reliance on event streams to log operational changes, etc. are some of the more imporant take-aways.

If Andromeda were brighter, this is what you’d see (2014) - The galaxy Andromeda would be huge in the night sky - much bigger than the Moon. Click the pictures, be in awe!