It’s been quite some time since one of these. It’s more like a monthly blast for a while. I’ll try to do better in the future.

What does technical excellence look like (2016) - Martin Fowler takes stock of what technical excellence means. To summarise it is short cycle times for building features, low time to fixes (and the CD these imply), small and autonomous and business driven teams, and teams where there is a high degree of psychological safety.

From “Hello World” to VP Eng (2017) - the first part of Nick Caldwell’s story, Reddit’s VP of engineering.

Scaling SQLIte to 4M QPS on a single server (EC2 vs Bare Metal) (2018) - in case you doubted just how powerful modern machines are, and how much of a beast SQLite is. It’s of course a somewhat artificial benchmark, but not completely so. For my jupiter work I’ll soon be transitioning to a SQLite backend for local data storage.

DDD and hexagonal architecture (2020) - I’ve recently started reading a bit more about software engineering, and software architecture in particular, and domain driven design (DDD) caught my eye as a powerful way of thinking about architecture. It’s kind of hard to grok however at the implementation level and this article from Vaadin does a very thorough job of this.

Tactical domain-driven design (2020) - linked with the previous article is this one, which goes into the details of the “domain” aspect of DDD (the part which is usually not tied into any framework or library), and which covered the tactical patterns employed in DDD.