Every Jurassic Park dinosaur illustrated with modern science (2020) - a fun and quite long article analysing what we’ve learned about dinosaurs since Jurassic Park (and what we’ve known all along, but got wrong anyway). Spoilers - velociraptors are about chicken-size.

The end of OS X (2020) - WWDC happend and Apple announced they’re gonna drop Intel and Mac OS 11. It’s an interesting take - Mac OS X was the Unix desktop folks were clamoring for, and that’s why it was so common for developers to use it. But OS 11 seems more like iOS. How will that play out?

Tech migrations the Spotify way (2020) - here tech migration means switching over from technology X to technology Y. At big companies even simple changes tend to be complex affairs which drag on for several years. Spotify tackles this problem, and the “long tail” of teams who are left to migrate by keeping a sharp focus on a few migrations at a time, and treating the problem as a “product one”, and hence assigning PMs, evangelizing the benefits of the change, etc.

5 AWS services to avoid (2020) - AWS has an extremely large and varied service set. From personal experience not everything is as smooth as the marketing material would have you believe. This article goes over 5 of them: Cogito, CloudFormation, ElastiCache , Kinesis, and Lambda.

Moravec’s paradox - a paradox in AI. Hans Moravec observed that the higher-level features of cognition (reasoning, planning, etc.) seem to be much easier to solve than the more basic-level features (vision, speech, audio recognition, etc.).