When you should NOT use Rails (2020) - I’ve never used Ruby on Rails, but it does seem like a great tool - opinionated, powerful, flexible, etc. However, like all tools it has its place and might not be good in “all circumstances”. Folks sometimes forget this. The linked article talks a couple of such situations, and what alternatives there are.

Introducing Domain-Oriented microservices architecture (2020) - regardless of your opinion of Uber as a business, or of their seemingly excessive tech, you have to give credit that many of their ideas are good and intriguing. This one is like that - transposing Domain Driven Design ideas to the realm of microservices. But not just inside “one microservice”, but in groups of them, corresponding to business domains.

What you should know before you start grad school in English Literature (2012) - Tl;dr: don’t do it!

Can engineering productivity be measured (2020) - to a certain degree yes. But only if you’re looking at teams, and if you have proper processes in place - from outcome based goals, to performance calibrations, etc.

Common hiring manager mistakes (2020) - designing a proper engineering interview s ystem is a hard thing. Besides building it, you need to make sure you’re not screwing up in a bunch of “little” ways - lack of calibration, lack of predefined steps, not getting the data you want, etc. ****