More testable code with the hexagonal architecture #video (2019) - the hexagonal architecture is the name given to an clean and interesting approach to building large “business” applications. There is essentially a core of logic, surrounded by “ports” for persistency, communication, etc. and “adapters” that allow the logic to make use of the ports.

Hexagonal architecture in DDD #video (2015) - another take on this, with some domain driven design bits thrown in. A lot of folks are doing both of these at the same time, and the match seems good.

How we migrated Dropbox from Nginx to Envoy (2020) - in three words - the hard way! This is a surprisingly detailed look at what I can imagine is the equivalent of switching the engine in flight on an airplane.

Brief history of scaling LinkedIn (2015) - The article was kind of light on the details, and is quite out of date. On the other hand, LinkedIn is an often overlooked tech powerhouse, with a lot of custom technology they had to build in order to handle their scale. So it’s well worth a read to see when and how these things got their start.

Work on what matters (2020) - can’t have a friday blast without a Will Larson post. The main idea is that as one advances through a career (not in time, but in impact and scope), one needs to deliver more in less time. Hence, you need to focus on what matters, and aggresively cut non essential work (drop it, or delegate it, basically).