OAuth 2.0 and OpenId Connect in plain english (2018) #video - A gentle guide to these protocols for managing authorization / identity and its delegation. It’s one of those things every developer building web applications should know about, but there’s a dearth of good material out there.

Modern banking in 1500 microservices (2020) #video - An overview of Monzo’s architecture and a little bit of their tech stack.

Did you accidentally build a database? (2016) #video - one of the founders of CochroachDB talks about various large-scale systems and how they’re essentially poorly implemented databases.

Understanding statistical error (2020) - many models can be written as R(X) + \epsilon, where \epsilon is some noise factor with following some distribution and R(X) is some deterministic relation. This \epsilon is not an error of reality, but of our own modelling.

Industrial literacy (2020) - a bunch of things to understand about our modern industrial society, before attempting to change anything.