Why write ADRs (2020) - architecture decision records (ADRs) are a form of technical documentation. They cover the big technical decision made on a project, in a sort of syntehsized fashion. Much like a design doc, but without going into the nitty-gritty.

Type in the exact number of machines to proceed (2020) - a nifty double-check for potentially destructive commands of all kinds. Don’t just do it or require a simple Yes/No answer. Rather ask the person to work a bit for the answer and also tie it to the magnitude of the mutation - ie number of machines affected by the change.

Achieving maintainability with hexagonal architecture (2019) #video - another short intro to hexagonal architecture.

Homesteading the Twittersphere (2020) - an interesting take on why there are so many high-quality analyst-type blogs and newsletters lately (the author included). Humans value status quite a lot, but in an abundance of information scenario, the old patterns of status via wealth or via power don’t really help in establishing the proper hierarchy. But status via gift does. Much like with open-source software many years earlier. Put out some complex and useful software for free, benefit from the recognition, and get extra IRL rewards from this.